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Children and adolescents are faced with many confusing thoughts and feelings – often for the very first time – and they are not always equipped to deal with them.  Child and adolescent psychotherapy helps children and teenagers make sense of their thoughts and feelings. It also gives them the skills to cope with them. Finding out what’s on their mind is the first step.


Child and adolescent psychotherapy is focused primarily on the emotional and social well-being of the child or adolescent. As a Board Certified child and adolescent psychologist, I treat a range of behavioral and emotional problems not easily addressed by other modes of treatment. I carefully observe children and respond to what they might be communicating through their behavior and play. It is essential to a child or adolescent’s mental health and progress in therapy that I work closely with his/her parents to ensure a deeper understanding of his/her perspective.


I tailor my work in child and adolescent psychology to the individual child/adolescent and work in an age-appropriate way with them. Many times, during an individual session, young children may not talk directly about difficult things but will communicate through play using the toys and games that I have in my office.  Play is a powerful form of communication which may express how a child feels and the difficulties he or she may be experiencing. The relationship between the child and me, as the therapist, is central to the treatment.


Goals of child and adolescent psychotherapy often depend on the nature of the presenting problem.  This may range from improved mood, reduced anxiety, improved self-esteem and/or improved social skills to the reduction of behavioral tantrums, aggression or self-destructive behaviors. Resolution of conflicts, coping with stressors, and dealing with medical issues are also often targets of intervention.


I take great pride in offering children a safe and trusting environment where they use play and language to explore and understand feelings such as fear, sadness, hurt, anger, anxiety or confusion about themselves, their family or other aspects of their lives.


Child and adolescent psychotherapy can help your son or daughter with school related issues, anxiety, trauma, the effects of loss, grief or change, aggression and violence, child/parent relationships, coping with chronic illnesses and many other childhood and adolescent stressors and disorders. Please contact me if you have any questions whatsoever regarding my practice working with children and adolescents and how therapy can potentially help improve and enhance the life of your son or daughter.

Child and Adolescent Psychology

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